Wednesday, February 12, 2014

47. Day 36: And time goes by...

Today I was doing a lot of things and the day went by faster than I wanted (because I still have so many things to do).  Anyway, it's time for dinner now and I still don't know what we are going to eat :P

Stay tuned to see more photos :D

Nikon D90 (105mm f/2.8) - 6s  f/13

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

46. Day 35: Waiting for the sunset

I love this little gnomes, we bought them at a winter fair in Chicago.  In this shot they are peacefully waiting for the sun to set, enjoying the last rays of the golden sun.

Nikon D90 (105mm f/2.8) - 1/125  f/13

Monday, February 10, 2014

45. Day 34: Impresssions

Do you need a hand? Here I have a lot of them :)  I wanted to create the effect that they are trying to reach out something that you can't actually see in the frame.  The hands weren't added in Photoshop, I actually "print" the hands on that surface before taking the shot.

Nikon D90 (18-200mm f/3.5-5.6) - 26mm  1/10s  f/3.8

Sunday, February 9, 2014

44. Day 33: Light & Shadow

Today I wanted to try a different approach for my hubby's portrait. I really love when you can't see the whole face of the person, I think it gives mystery to the photo.
I know this is not a perfect one, but I'm happy with the results.

Nikon D90 (18-200mm f/3.5-5.6) - 65mm  0.5s  f/6.3

Saturday, February 8, 2014

43. Day 32: Beautiful shadows

Happy Saturday! For today's post I wanted something different. I like the shadows of the burners, they are hypnotic to me :)  We bought this burner in a middle-eastern house, it's really beautiful, full of painted decorations. 

Nikon D90 (50mm f/1.8) - 2.5s  f/6.3

Friday, February 7, 2014

42. Day 31: Spiral

Finally!! I'm happy to announce that this is today's post!! Hurrah!! Hurrah!! Go go Fleurcita!! I finally caught up!!  It took me a couple of days though...

I'm gonna rest now, it was a looong day, but a happy one :)
Happy Friday to everybody!

Nikon D90 (105mm f/2.8) - 1.3s  f/14

41. Day 30: Stormy clouds

This is the post that I should have uploaded yesterday, but I wanted to finish the photos for the previous days before :)

I was working on my photos yesterday, when I looked outside and saw this beautiful sky!  So, I stopped everything and went to the balcony to photograph it.  If you wonder why I used a macro lens to take a shot of a landscape, the answer is quite simple, I wanted to capture the blue sky before the clouds cover it so I didn't have time to change lenses :P

Nikon D90 (105mm f/2.8) - 1/640  f/10

40. Day 29: Ripples

Wednesday: We could start our daily routine! Yay!! So thankful to feel good again!! (still eating healthy just in case hehehehe).

You know I love patterns and this particular one reminded me of ripples in the water. If I contemplate it for a while it make me feel calm and serene.

Nikon D90 (105mm f/2.8) - 0.4s  f/10

39: Day 28: Disinfection

By Tuesday we were feeling much better and could eat more stuff (nothing crazy, just light food to avoid upsetting our stomach).  It was time to disinfect everything! We sprayed the rugs, sheets, covers, blankets, knobs, everything in the house!  Stomach flu bug GO AWAY!!

A funny story about this shot. I wanted a really low angle so I set the tripod low and crawled beneath it.  I couldn't move much but so far so good.  After I got this shot I started to crawl out of the tripod but for my surprise I couldn't move because my lower back was hurting!  I said to myself NOOOOO!! this is not happening!  I exited with some difficulty and continued taking photos because the show must go on!! :D

Nikon D90 (105mm f/2.8) - 1/50  f/5.6

38. Day 27: Pasta!

On Monday our stomach could tolerate pasta! Nothing too elaborate, just plain pasta with a bit of cheese, not sauce at all.  We were sooo happy! It's curious that human beings give health for granted and they realize of the wonderful feeling to feel good when they are ill.

Nikon D90 (105mm f/2.8) - 1.3s  f/20

37. Day 26: Stay hydrated

On Sunday we felt a bit better, but still with pain.  We drank a lot of electrolyte water to stay hydrated and ate only water crackers. Thanks to the crackers we had more strength and we could walk without dizziness.

Nikon D90 (105mm f/2.8) - 0.5s  f/7.1

36. Day 25: The beginning of the end...

Long time no see!! It's been a week since my last post :(  Don't think that I was lazy to continue with the blog, it was a matter of well being... hehehe I caught stomach flu last Saturday, soooo horrible!! (for those who doesn't know what is this illness, it's a gastroenteritis viral, so you feel like crap until the bug dies).

I couldn't leave bed, I was weak and my whole body hurt (and of course nausea, vomit, fever, stomach ache, etc etc etc).  My dear friend Sandra, her daughter Clarisse and my hubby also got it :(

So, I decided to show in a photo how we felt each of the days and what we did to get better.

Nikon D90 (105mm f/2.8) - 3s  f/7.1