Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 72: Come a little bit closer...

I love the trees that surround our community, they have this really thick bark and the colors are just amazing!! Black and orange-red!!  So, without any more delays, I present you today's photo.

Nikon D90 (105mm  f/2.8) - 1/20s  f/18

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 71: Unexpected

It was a rainy day today, so it was mainly grey except when I took this shot :)  I couldn't believe that I saw a bit of blue sky shinning through the clouds when seconds ago it was pouring!

Nikon D90 (18-200mm  f/3.5-5.6) - 1/320s  f/10

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 70: Ripples

I don't have much to say today, I'm too tired with the moving and besides my hubby is torturing me with crappy musical advertisements!! Anyway... I hope you enjoy today's photo :D

See you tomorrow!

Nikon D90 (105mm f/2.8) - 4s  f/18

Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 69: Edges

Today's shot was a tricky one because of the background that I had and the subject that I chose (it had a lot of clutter and I didn't want to include that in the shot).  Luckily after trying different angles I found this one and I'm really happy with it :D
What I like the most is the shape that the edge of the leaves form because of the little bit of sunshine that reflects on it.

Nikon D90 (105mm  f/2.8) - 1/160  f/6.3

Day 68: Shades & shadows

It was almost sunset when I found my subject for Sunday's shot :)  The sun was low but some of the late rays of sun still entered inside the dinning room and they look beautiful!

Nikon D90 (50mm f/1.8) - 1/13s  f/7.1

Day 67: Leaves and branches

There are a lot of this kind of trees in our new community. They are really beautiful, bright green leaves and spiky brown balls. Because of the time of the day and the position of the sun, this one looks much better in black and white than in color.

Nikon D90 (18-200mm  f/3.5-5.6) - 1/125s  f/5.6

Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 66: Light at the end of the tunnel

Happy Friday!! I was so lazy today. I didn't feel like doing anything! hehe but what the heck! It's really nice to do nothing once in a while :P
Today's shot is an abstract, so let your imagination fly and see where it takes you :D

Nikon D90 (105mm f/2.8) - 1/60s  f/3.3

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 65: Globito

Today is the first day of Spring! :D  To celebrate it I decided to take a photo of my furry pillow friend Globito :)  I LOVE this pillow, so comfy!!  It was a present from my hubby.

Happy Thursday!! 

Nikon D90 (50mm  f/1.8) - 1/40s  f/3.5

Day 64: Springtime

Spring is almost here!! I'm sooo happy! Everything is now blooming, so beautiful !!! Spring and summer are my favorite seasons :)
For today's photo I wanted something with lots of contrast, that's why I chose the green leaves against the blue sky.

Nikon D90 (18-200mm  f/3.5-5.6) - 150mm  1/200s  f/11

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day 63: Curly

This plant always amazed me! At first you see several balls next to the main branch (like a roll) and when the days start to pass they unwrapped little by little showing the wrinkled leaves in each new branch.  After a while, the leaves start to expand and you have each of the side branches full of tiny leaves.

Nikon D90 (18-200mm  f/3.5-5.6) - 1/250s  f/16

Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 62: Early bird

Since a month ago, this tiny little bird is tweeting outside of our bedroom's window. It starts around 8:00am and most of the time it wakes me up.  It seems like it's preparing the nest for its little future birdies. The nest will be just outside our window, on top of a pipe.

Nikon D90 (18-200mm  - f/3.5-5.6)  - 1/100  f/7.1

Day 61: Counting sheeps

I woke up quite early on Sunday morning (around 8:00am). I don't know why I kept waking up so early during the weekend!! Grrrr!! (actually I know a little bird that tweets...)  Anyway, my hubby of course was still sleeping :)

Suddenly I had a great idea!! I was gonna take a photo of him while he was sleeping hihihi  I had a couple of problems because I didn't have enough light, but I opened the blinds a bit just to have some light and voila!! I had my perfect shot! :D

Nikon D90 (50mm  f/1.8) - 0.6s  f/7.1

Day 60: Pachamama

It's very hard to upload photos during the weekend because we are not always at home so I decided from now on I'll upload the photos of the weekend every Monday :)

Since a long time I wanted to take a photo of this mural, but there was always a car in front of it, difficult to take a shot of the whole thing without including the car.  On Saturday, we were driving home from our new apartment, when I saw the place without the car in front!! I was sooo happy!

Nikon D90 (50mm  f/1.8) - 1/640  f/11

Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 59: Invisible ink

I woke up quite early today, before 8am. Now, it's only 10:30am and I already took today's photo.
It's so nice to have the whole morning still :)

I'll have to continue packing stuff though, uf! but I'm almost done.  At least the first stage is almost done, moving physically everything to the new house will be the most annoying part! hehe
I should been used to pack, unpack and move because this will be our 8th moving in 4 years, yep, we move a lot! (this includes 2 out of state moving also). Hopefully we won't move again in a looooong while :D

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend!

Nikon D90 (50mm  f/1.8)  - 2.5s  f/6.3

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day 58: Green

I struggled a lot today to discover the right photo, none of the shots seemed good enough or at least interesting enough. Luckily after a while I found a leaf with a nice shape and I could accomplish today's mission! Hip Hip Hooray!! :)

Nikon D90 (105mm  f/2.8) - 1/1600  f/4

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 57: Path

It's been quite hard to continue this project, when I started I thought it would be easy (foolish me hehe).  But, it's also good to push yourself to get results, because you can't accomplish anything without effort.

I like photos with perspective and patterns as you can tell by seen the photos of my blog :)

Nikon D90 (50mm f/1.8)  - 2s  f/13

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 56: A little bit of magic

Time to start packing, but before I had to take a photo of one of my hubby's favorite books :)  It's nice to have a little bit of magic once in a while.  

Nikon D90 (50mm f/1.8)  - 0.5s  f/5.6

Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 55: Olive

Finally!! I caught up with my blog!! Sooo happy! I took this photo today :D  Unfortunately there were some days that I didn't take any photo, but I'm in peace with it.
We have a lot of olives trees in the community and I like them a lot.

See you tomorrow!

Nikon D90 (105mm f/2.8) - 1/25s  f/3

Day 54: Imminent stress

Maybe you wonder why I named this post "Imminent stress"... the truth is we are moving to another apartment in 2 weeks and of course I'll be doing the packing :\  I still have some time... kind of... hehehe

Nikon D90 (50mm f/1.8) - 5s  f/8

Day 53: Through the glass

This weekend we wanted to do something different for lunch, so my hubby and I tried a new restaurant downtown.  The place was very nice with a french atmosphere.  In general the glasses at restaurants are quite ordinary, but this ones were really beautiful! I loved the shape of the grip, so without second thoughts I grabbed my camera and start shooting.

Nikon D90 (50mm  f/1.8)  - 1/50s  f/8

Day 52: Squash

Even though this squash looks really good, it wasn't.  Apparently it was old, so there were not much options but to puree it hehehe and the puree was really good!

Nikon D90 (50mm  f/1.8)  - 1/13s  f/4

Day 51: Just drive

Vacations are almost over, tomorrow everybody will return to their normal routine.  At least the weather was kind of nice and allowed us to stroll a bit longer :)
Thanks for the visit mom and dad, it was really nice! We miss you already!

Panasonic ZS25 - 4.3mm   1/2000s  f/6.3

Day 50: Fragile

After saying goodbye to San Francisco we headed to Stanford University.  The place is huge!!  It's so easy to get lost.  Even though it's still winter, there were pretty flowers spread around the area.

Panasonic ZS25 - 4.3mm  1/640s  f/4

Day 49: San Francisco

You can't leave San Francisco without seen the Golden Gate Bridge. Luckily and against all odds the day was quite nice. We could see the bridge without fog :)

Nikon D90 (18-200mm  f/3.5-5.6) - 24mm  1/400s  f/14

Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 48: Come again

Our trip is coming to an end... Goodbye Vegas!! We'll see you another time! We had nice memories and left with our tummies full of food hehehe We had a buffet per day, it was insane!! So much food!! Luckily we didn't gain weight because we walked a lot :P 

Nikon D90 (18-200mm  f/3.5-5.6)  - 24mm  1/50s  f/3.8

Day 47: Through the mirror

I don't remember which Casino had this gorgeous mirror and table! I loved everyone of the them, they had such beautiful decorations.

Nikon D90 (18-200mm  f/3.5-5.6)  - 26mm  1/60s  f/3.8

Day 46: Bellagio Water Show

What an amazing show!! We couldn't have enough of it! We saw it several times during night time and daytime.  Highly recommended!  We walked so much! we probably left our footprints on the strip hehehe

Nikon D90 (18-200mm  f/3.5-5.6)  - 18mm  1/1000s  f/18

Day 45: Be aware...

We started another mini vacations with my parents and hubby, this time was Las Vegas! Sin City!! hehehe This sculpture? (don't know how to call it) was above the entrance doors of Treasure Island Casino (Sirens' Cove).

Nikon D90 (18-200mm  f/3.5-5.6)  - 56mm  1/20s  f/4.8

Day 44: A window to the sky

I don't have much to say today. The day I took this shot I only counted with my point and shoot camera because I didn't want to carry my Nikon.  Don't get me wrong, I like the shot but I know with my Nikon I could have done a much better job :)

Panasonic ZS25 -  15mm  1/1250s  f/5.2

Day 43: Vigilante

We are at Mountain View again, walking around the neighborhood.  The day was really beautiful, blue sky, no clouds.  Suddenly my eyes got caught by a strange shadow. I couldn't resist myself, I had to grab the camera and shoot :)

Panasonic ZS25 - 1/2000s  f/5.5

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 42: Please

It's time to head back home after reaching San Luis Obispo.  This city has a beautiful monastery, if you have the opportunity go and visit it.

Our last point before returning to Mountain View, was Salinas.  Near here you have a gorgeous scenic route called 17 Drive mile.  It's a must! Before going check if you will able to see all of the vista points because some of them are closed during some months.

I took this shot at Bird Rock, I was very lucky because I could focus before the squirrel went away because I didn't give it food.

There is a big population of this kind of squirrels. They are very curious and approach to humans to be fed. But YOU SHOULDN'T do it!  I saw some people giving this little ones crackers and stuff, I don't understand how come people don't realize that they are hurting them by doing that!

Nikon D90 (18-200mm  f/3.5-5.6)  - 82mm  1/320s  f/13

Day 41: Everything changes...

These shots are taken at Pismo Beach, it's a nice small town and they host the migration of the Monarch butterflies.  Every year this butterflies come to the Monarch Butterflies Grove at Pismo Beach in search of warmth (between late October and early March).
Because of the bad weather we couldn't see a lot of them flying  :(

You can see how foggy and grey the sky was when we went to the Grove.

 Nikon D90 (18-200mm f/3.5-5.6)  - 52mm  1/400  f/22

But, you never know what will happen within an hour, on our way back, the weather changed again and the sun shined again!  It's quite amazing to see how different the same place looks like when the sun goes out.
I must tell that I like much more the mood in the first photo, it makes me wonder so many things...

Nikon D90 (18-200mm f/3.5-5.6)  - 46mm  1/800s  f/13

Day 40: Sunset

Since a while ago I was wondering if I wanted to keep my posts numbered and today I decided to stop doing it, so no more numbers at the beginning, just the name of the post for each day.  Now that I clarified it I can continue with today's post.

Our trip continue south from Carmel to Point Lobos to Pismo Beach. Luckily the weather was really nice and we could walk a lot!  This photo is somewhere between Point Lobos and Pismo Beach. If I'm not mistaken it's Morro Bay (you could see the huge rock on the far left side).

Nikon D90 (18-200mm f/3.5-5.6) - 27mm  1/320  f/8

50. Day 39: Footstep

Our journey continued, this time we did a road trip to the south of California.  The first stop was Carmel beach.  Even though it was cold, there were people swimming :)
Carmel is a really nice beach (except for the seaweeds that are quite annoying) and welcomes our furry friends.

Nikon D90 (18-200mm  f/3.5-5.6)  - 170mm  1/200s  f/13

49. Day 38: San Francisco Bay

We visited a lot of places with my parents.  The first one was San Francisco y and this was the view from the restaurant that we went near Pier 39.  Really nice! I love the stormy clouds! (not a good sign to be walking though).

Nikon D90 (18-200mm  f/3.5-5.6)  - 29mm  1/400s  f/16

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

48. Day 37: Long time no see...

My last weeks were very busy because my parents visited us :) so I couldn't upload any photos.  I'll continue with my project today. I was thinking a lot about how to upload all the photos for the last days (I took photos almost everyday) and I decided that I'll do it one at a time.  I'll finish my 365 days project even if I finish it next year :D

I found this tiles when I went to the San Francisco Airport to pick up my parents.  I've been there several times but never saw this beautiful mural. I could have been there for ever taking photos of the different tiles, but I took enough to be happy.

Panasonic ZS25 - 1/30s  f/3.5

Panasonic ZS25 - 1/30s  f/4.2