Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 59: Invisible ink

I woke up quite early today, before 8am. Now, it's only 10:30am and I already took today's photo.
It's so nice to have the whole morning still :)

I'll have to continue packing stuff though, uf! but I'm almost done.  At least the first stage is almost done, moving physically everything to the new house will be the most annoying part! hehe
I should been used to pack, unpack and move because this will be our 8th moving in 4 years, yep, we move a lot! (this includes 2 out of state moving also). Hopefully we won't move again in a looooong while :D

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend!

Nikon D90 (50mm  f/1.8)  - 2.5s  f/6.3

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