Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 303: Tulips

Hello again!! This is an update regarding the tulips post.  I checked the photos below in another computer and for my surprise the photo that looked better was the one that in my monitor looked dull!! My brain started to overheat and I thought how can this be happening?!! It was working perfectly fine with the previous posts.  I continued reading and it seems like it was more complex than I first thought.  The problem with the visualization of colors in not only related with the color gamut but with the different browsers that you use to see the photo!! Grrrr!!
At least now I understand a bit more about the problem, but still need more researching...

Thank God it's Thursday!! It was an annoying and frustrating day today :(  I took several photos of the tulips that my lovely hubby gave me. I was happy with the shots, but after I exported the chosen on to upload it to the blog the colors weren't just right! The photo looked dull.  I suspected it was related with the wide gamut that the original photo have and probably the jpeg couldn't handle it.  I searched on the internet a way to solve my problem but none of the suggestions worked, I couldn't convert the image to look like the original one :(

In the end, I made a print screen and the colors looked kind of like the original.  I want to share with you both photos, so you can see why I'm complaining :P

Oh well... I'll need to search more and try to find out what to do in this kind of situations.

Image capture from the original:

Exported photo: no vibrancy, no brightness, no light! Grrrrrr!!!

Nikon D90 (105mm  f/2.8) -  1/8s  f/16

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