Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 310: Withered

I'm back! Sorry for keeping you waiting! This past days were crazy! Thursday was a super complicated day, I was rushing the whole day!  I thought Friday would be better but no, I woke up with a bad headache and it got worse during the day, so I spent the day laying on the sofa with my eyes closed! Sooo boring! But, no can's the only way I found to deal with my migraines.

Finally the weekend arrived, as you may know I don't upload photos during that days because I try to enjoy time with my hubby as much as I can :)  It wasn't a relaxed weekend though...but it was fun. We went to San Francisco and we walked a lot (around 5 miles)! We ended up with blisters on our feet.  I guess we are not used to walk that much hehehe.  Sunday was "chore day", we had to run some errands, clean our aquarium (it took us about 2 hours because we had to do a deep clean after I messed up with one of the liquids that I use for the aquarium).  By the time we finished it was already evening!! The Sunday was no more!! :(

Beginning of the week again, I went to yoga class as usual and then practiced for my ESL placement test because I'm planing to start College next year.  I'm also planing on taking the English placement test to see how it goes... but I'll do it in December because I need to wait until I have the results of my ESL test.

Tuesday, I woke up very early because my test was at 9am (if you want to know, it went fine).  I returned home before noon and I thought I would be able to write my blog.  I was wrong. I suddenly remembered that there were some veggies waiting for me in the fridge.  I could hear them saying "Hurry! Cook us!! We are on the verge of being spoiled!".  I nodded to myself and thought "Oh, well! It's cooking time! I'll catch up with my blog tomorrow."

Today is tomorrow and I'm happy to announce that I starting to catch up with my blog :)
Remember that the last photo I uploaded was a dying one, well I made a photo session with the dying flowers and in the following posts I'll share them with you.
I hope you enjoy them!

Nikon D90 (105mm  f/2.8) - 1/100s  f/9

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