Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Day 364: Bombones de Quaker

Aaawh!!!  You should see my face right now... I'm so tempted to lick the screen hahahahaha  This bonbons are a delicacy and they are super addictive (for anyone that have sweet tooth like myself).  I think each of them has at least 500 calories.  They are made of oats (finely ground), sweet cacao, butter and dulce de leche (yes, in Argentina we use dulce de leche as much as Americans use peanut butter).  The final touch is rolling each of them in shredded coconut.

Since we move to the US this is the first time that these bonbons taste almost like the ones that I used to make in Argentina.  Basically the problem is the cocoa, you need a very sweet cocoa and is very hard to find.  Luckily, I found it at Crate & Barrel (seasonal double chocolate cocoa).  Unfortunately they shop ran out of that cocoa because they bring it only for special holidays :(
Next time, I'll buy a lot of cans and store them for future bonbons :)

Now you probably understand why we will need to start a diet next year... and there is still New Year celebration!!! Luckily I don't think we'll eat this much because we won't be at home, we'll be enjoying a Spa in San Luis Obispo.

We still have some (around 6) of these on the fridge... mmm... hopefully my will will be strong enough to make them last until this evening :P

Nikon D90 (18-200mm  f/3.5-5.6) - 1/10s  f/10

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