Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day 262: Morning surprise

I woke up like any other morning, I was planing to do a lot of chores to optimize the day.  When I opened the living room's curtains I was shocked!! There was this HUGE spider (3 cm radius) on the outside just a few centimeters away from the sliding glass door!! (meaning the balcony was a prohibited area).  First thing that crossed my mind was "OH! MY GOD!! WHAT I'M GOING TO DO TO REMOVE HER FROM MY BALCONY WITHOUT DYING IN THE PROCESS!" (figuratively speaking of course, I just can't handle spiders, I have shivers crawling on my whole body)  By the way, for me all of the spiders are "her".

I knew that before doing anything else I had to take her photo! Even though I was very scared! I thought: "Ok, one step at a time...first I need to grab my macro lens while trying to increase my bravery.  Second I need to open the sliding door and the screen, that will make me face the spider without any protection.  Third and more difficult I have to look through my camera and get as close as I can to the spider, a little bit closer, a bit more, there!"  After some shots, the spider changed her behavior and shrieked her legs closer to her body, that was too much for me, I couldn't stand the proximity any more.  Of course when I saw that change I screamed hehehehe yes, seems funny now, but I can tell you wasn't funny at that time.  Instant reaction: I increased my distance from the spider, breath for some seconds and attempted to approach her again, but I couldn't get too close because I kept thinking maybe she is going to jump, she is going to jump, she is going to jump (I didn't know if this was a jumping spider, but I was not willing to put it to test).

I wish I could handle spiders better so I can just remove them and put them in some other area (a bush or something like it).  I can tell you, I felt guilty and ask her forgiveness before killing her :( 
After everything ended, I was shaking so bad, it took me some time to return to my normal state.

Nikon D90 (105mm  f/2.8) - 1/160s  f/7.1

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